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David preaching to congregation


In My Father's House

Date: December 30th, 2012
Speaker: David Robinson
Scripture: Luke 2:40-52


Trusting Christ makes us God's children. Like the prodigal son, when we confess, "Father, I've sinned against heaven and against you," He will receive us with rejoicing.

Scripture:Luke 2:40-52

Sermon Notes:

  1. Contrary to mythical “gospel” accounts, Jesus’ early life did not involve tyrannical displays of power or disrespect to his parents.
  2. Jesus was a model child growing into manhood and wisdom.
  3. Joseph and Mary were godly and conscientious parents, who were responsible and competent to trust Jesus.
  4. Only men were required to go to the feast, but pious women like Mary made the effort to travel to Jerusalem for worship.
  5. Jesus wanted to stay in Jerusalem because He loved to receive more teaching.  He had been well taught in the Scriptures, and He knew them well.
  6. All we know of Jesus for the next 18 years is that He was submissive to His parents.  Children, we must likewise be submissive to our parents.
  7. Jesus is the Word and Wisdom of God.
  8. Though Jesus was God, He had to learn God's Word like us (Phil. 2:5-8).
  9. Shouldn't we also be eager to hear and understand God's Word.
  10. It is the Word of God by which we grow in wisdom and grace.
  11. If there is a difficult passage, seek out a teacher and listen.
  12. Mary did not understand everything, and like her we may also treasure up and ponder the things of God.
  13. Like a seed, memorization of God's Word may germinate in our hearts, take root, and bear fruit in our lives.
  14. Jesus responds to His parents, reminding them that He needs to be in His Father's house (v49).
  15. The business of Jesus was our redemption.
  16. Jesus is the Saviour that came into the world; by His wounds we are healed.
  17. Trusting Christ makes us God's children; like the prodigal son, when we confess, “Father, I've sinned against heaven and against you,” He will receive us with rejoicing.

Application Questions:

  1. Describe Jesus' humanity as it was reflected in His childhood.
  2. What lessons can children learn from Jesus' example?
  3. Do our children mirror our own poor attitudes toward the Word and Worship of God?
  4. What efforts are we making to instill a love for the Word and prayer in our children?
  5. Do we put God's Word into practice?  What is the practical importance of God's things in our lives?
  6. Are we bored with reading the Bible?  Or do we desire the pure spiritual milk that we may grow thereby? (1Pet 2:2).
  7. How should we handle difficult passages in our Bible study?
  8. Why are we looking for Christ?

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