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Foreign Missions

Foreign Missions - Westminster Worldwide

The Intercultural Missions Department known as Westminster Worldwide is recognizing its role and adjusting its focus in the light of the changing world scene with its accelerating movement of nations and people groups. Intercultural communication is now really a 'front-door' approach as we awaken to the mission field all around us in Toronto, Canada, as well as overseas (Acts 17:26-27).

The Following people and their ministries in mission are encouraged and supported prayerfully and practically within or through the local church.

A. Our Local Church Members Serving with Missions Organizations

1. Cheming and Marion Chang, Serving in Mission (SIM)  missionaries to Canada working in Toronto from Westminster Chapel in Cross-Cultural Ministry (ESL and Food Bank Oversight - in development)

2. Simon Marrable, SIM missionary in Canada. Simon encourages church involvement in mission. He mainly travels to Ethiopia and Uganda. Westminster Chapel is his family's home church.

3. Pastor Howard and Carol, 'I Am Telling you the Truth' church planting ministry in Trinidad and Tobago.  

4. Mike and Helen Boot, AOG World Ministries. Yearly itinerant visits to former residential mission base in Lahore Pakistan (Bible College traning). Westminster Chapel Intercultural and Prayer Ministry. Also ministry in Cuba with Steven Martins and Jonathan Agudelo.

5. Daniel and Rita Mattmueller, Liebenzell Mission. Training missionaries for intercultural home and overseas field missions.

B. Overseas Missions

Missionaries sent out from our church many years ago to serve with various mission organizations; still prayerfully supported and received.

1. Leona Gowanlock, formerly in cambodia and Thailand with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF). Leona is now in Canada.

2. Roy and Gwyn Comrie, retired officially from the overseas field but still involved in itinerant teaching in various African, Latin American and Asian countries.

3. Gilbert and Lydia Nigh, formerly in Zambia with SIM. They are serving in Pastoral Ministry, Vancouver, BC.

4. Jim and Carmen Orr, Pioneers, Youth Ministry in Brazil.

5. Dave and Ruth Ullstrom, OMF Taiwan. Pastoral Ministry.